Detroit socialists want to fix your brake lights for free

Nov 10, 2017 at 10:59 am
Detroit socialists want to fix your brake lights for free
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The Detroit chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America has promised to replace brake lights for free tomorrow. Qualified volunteers will be on hand to install them, and no appointment is necessary.

Why is the party offering a free brake light clinic? Well, it probably dovetails with that whole socialist thing to help the average Joe have a working tail light.

But there are obviously other reasons. They're summed up ably in a Medium article the organizers provided a link to. The article, which can be read by clicking here, includes this paragraph:

Changing a brake light is not typically difficult or expensive. However, being stopped by a police officer for having a brake light out can be both. A ticket can cost a significant amount of a working person’s earnings. If that person has a warrant out for their arrest due to unpaid tickets or something like that, they might be detained and arrested. This means more fines. It can also be quite disruptive to a person’s life — they might miss work or be unable to care for their children. It can also be extremely traumatic. In fact, any traffic stop can pose an existential threat to the person being pulled over, especially for people of color and people without papers. In 2015, Walter Scott was stopped by a police officer for having a brake light out. He pulled into the parking lot of the auto parts store he’d been going to to replace the bulb, but he was tased and shot to death by the officer who pulled him over before he got the chance. In 2016, Philando Castile was pulled over for having a brake light out, and was shot almost immediately while informing the officer that he legally was carrying a firearm. His partner Diamond Reynolds bravely live streamed the encounter so that the world could see the aftermath of the unjust execution that had just occurred in front of her and her toddler daughter. Having a brake light out is not that dangerous. The most dangerous thing about having a brake light out is probably the threat of state violence.

Like the idea? Want to join the effort by "spending six hours visibly declaring [your] intention to protect people from state violence at the hands of the police"? Email Stacey Walters at [email protected].

The Free Brake Light Clinic takes place 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11, at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, 1950 Trumbull St., Detroit. No appointment is necessary, but if you'd like to make one, email [email protected].