Detroit bright and dark

Detroit: Enter the white knights of capital

Jan 23, 2013 at 7:24 am

I read with interest Jack Lessenberry’s Jan. 16 column item titled ”Saving Detroit,” and I agree with him that we can’t “Just sit in the rubble and wait to die” as relates to the Detroit Future City plan and reimagining and reinventing the city. We can’t afford to not do something. As the adage says, “If the journey of a thousand miles is to begin, it must begin with that first step” — and that first step on the journey is the “Detroit Future Plan.” At present Detroit is A Tale of Two Cities. One city is where the business leaders — Dan Gilbert, Roger Penske, Dan Loepp, Matt Cullen, Mike Ilitch and others in the business community — are forging ahead with plans to, hopefully, see that Detroit has a brighter future. Then we have the dark side, “Gotham City” — a city government where seemingly everything’s going wrong. There’s the imminent possibility of either an emergency manager being appointed to take over the city’s finances or the possibility of bankruptcy. So we must forge ahead and work in concert to make sure that the Detroit Future Plan is a success, or there may not be a future for Detroit. —Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit