Detroit Bikes and New Belgium team up to make more than 2,000 bikes

Apr 1, 2015 at 12:19 pm
New Belgium isn't a local brewery, but the craft beer makers are obviously enthralled with Detroit. Last year, they sponsored Slow Roll and this year they're teaming up with Detroit Bikes to make 2,415 bicycles. 

According to a press release, the bikes will be made in Detroit Bikes' enormous factory found in the city. The bikes will be custom-designed by New Belgium and will be given away to their employees as gifts for their one-year anniversaries with the company as well as fundraisers and giveaways, says the release. According to Detroit Bikes' Outreach Coordinator Mike Gentile, the companies are currently working together on the design of the bikes, but the design will mirror the bike found on the logo for their famous and popular Fat Tire brew. The bikes will not be available for purchase to the general public, says Gentile. 

Gentile says New Belgium made a big effort to find an American bicycle maker that could take on the workload.

"With Detroit Bikes' 50,000 square-foot facility, we have the capacity to produce those kind of numbers and more," he says. The deal will roughly double was Detroit Bikes currently produces. Due to the workload, Detroit Bikes plans to hire ten workers. There is no start date for productions, but Gentile says they hope to begins shipping the bikes by early 2016.

While the New Belgium-Detroit Bikes hybrids won't be available to buy, Detroit Bikes will continue to produce their A- and B-Type frames, which cost around $700. Gentile says they plan to release a new C-Type later this year.