Daddy dearest

Sep 22, 2004 at 12:00 am

News Hits dipped into the old mail bag and fished up an interesting missive from East Lansing. It seems that the activist group America Coming Together joined forces with some malcontents over at Michigan State who were less than impressed by the recent visit of first progeny Jenna and Barbara Bush.

They produced what could be called a Presidential Pop quiz that explores the query: Who’s Your Daddy?

Here’s a few sample questions — along with a cheat sheet that provides some telling background info.

1. Is your daddy one of the more than 342,000 unemployed Michigan workers looking for a job?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since Bush took office in January 2001 the number of Michiganders looking for work jumped by 103,066 — reaching the 342,000 mark under Papa Bush’s watch.

2. Is your daddy a millionaire getting tax cuts?

In its first four years, the Bush administration tax plan will provide the top 5 percent of taxpayers with 53.3 percent of the overall tax break, according to Citizens for Tax Justice, the Institute for America’s Future and Economic Policy Institute.

3. Did your daddy have his daddy’s friends help get him into the Texas National Guard?

The Dallas Morning News recently wrote about Ben Barnes, the former speaker of the Texas House who testified under oath that he acted at the behest of George the Elder’s friends to get young Georgie a coveted slot making sure no Viet Cong slipped across the Rio Grande.

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