Curt Guyette discusses Flint's lead crisis on 'Democracy Now'

Dec 18, 2015 at 9:46 am

As longtime Metro Times readers know, Curt Guyette presided as this rag's news editor for years before becoming an investigative reporter for the ACLU of Michigan. In that role, he's been one of the prime movers exposing the way Flint's water has become tainted with high levels of lead since the city switched its water source from Detroit to the Flint River. That decision was made under a state-appointed emergency manager to save money. Now, residents of Flint know that their complaints about rashes, discolored and foul-smelling water, and other health problems were valid.

The story has made international headlines, and now Guyette has appeared on the national talk show Democracy Now. In the segment, Guyette and Flint resident Melissa Mays discuss what happened, how they got to the bottom of it, and what's next for Flint. Great work, Curt!