Councilman Hill cracks wise

The Detroit City Council didn’t accomplish much in the way of improving public policy at one morning session last week. But it sure managed to entertain Council President Gil Hill. Or did he entertain them?

Here are a few agenda items the council plowed through with Hill in full form:

Item 36: Should God’s Oasis be allowed to hold a seven-day tent revival on the corner of Gratiot and Cedargrove beginning June 13? Hill pointed out that it was already June 14. "It’s going on right now," he said, smiling. Then he suggested discussing the issue "next month." (By the way, News Hits headed to the site expecting to see sweaty sinners seeking salvation. But instead found no preacher, no "Amens," no tents.)

New business: The council then talked about the two-day city power failure and what kind of an emergency plan they should devise in the event it happens again. "The emergency plan is to run," shouted Hill.

New-old business: Should the council adopt an ethics ordinance? It was this item that prompted News Hits to sit in on the meeting. If adopted, the ordinance would require Detroit public officials to disclose campaign contributions, among other things. After a half-hour conversation about whether to have a conversation about adopting an ethics ordinance, the council decided to postpone this conversation until Research and Analysis director Kathy Dones-Carson could attend. The discussion is rescheduled for today (Wednesday, June 21), according to the City Council clerk’s office.

The council session ended with Hill strutting by a few disappointed reporters hoping to deliver a piece to their respective publications on the ethics ordinance. But before he left the room, Hill stopped, took on a serious expression and said this to the media: "No comment," and laughed his way out the door.

Ann Mullen contributed to News Hits, which is edited by Curt Guyette. He can be reached at 313-202-8004 or [email protected]
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