Could it be … Satan?

We here at News Hits tend to be on the reticent side when it comes to bestowing kudos. That’s especially true with politicians. But we have to hand it to Kwame Kilpatrick. The Detroit mayor gave a bravura performance last week, standing tall in front of the Manoogian Mansion as he decried the “demonic” attack of a frenzied media looking to rake muck as a way to gain ratings during sweeps week.

But once removed from the force field of Kwame’s magnetic personality, we began entertaining a few (we’re certain) demon-inspired doubts.

First, does Kilpatrick really think we’re so stupid to think that his firing of Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown — and Brown’s subsequent claim that he was canned for looking into alleged wrongdoings, including the persistent rumor involving a naked stripper at the mayoral mansion — wouldn’t be huge news whenever it broke?

The Kwamster also took a swipe at the media for mistakenly reporting that Brown had been thrown out of the department. Kwame explained that Brown was removed from the deputy chief position — filled by mayoral appointment — but that he was free to remain with the department as a lieutenant.

Now, News Hits realizes that it is part of the demonic, frenzied, ratings-crazed media, but it seems Chief Jerry Oliver may just have fueled that particular “misunderstanding” when he told reporters that Brown deserved to be “terminated.”

Come on, guys. If you really want us to believe the bravado, get your stories straight.

But now they aren’t talking at all. Kilpatrick said during his press conference that he’d waste no more time answering questions about the Brown affair.

Which is probably the biggest bluster of all. With a lawsuit almost certainly imminent, the mayor will be unable to avoid more questions. Only next time, instead of facing a demon media, the queries will come from an attorney during depositions, and the mayor will be under oath.

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