Catch a bus, cause a fuss

Oct 16, 2002 at 12:00 am

Given the decisive House and Senate majorities achieved in last week’s war vote, it seems only a matter of time until our bombs begin raining down upon Baghdad. There remains, however, a contingent undeterred by the prospect of standing in front of a runaway train, hopeful to the end they can muster enough opposition to halt this headlong rush in its tracks.

Are you among the conscientious objectors? If so, busloads of fellow travelers are ready to welcome you aboard when they roll into Washington, D.C., for a national march on Oct. 26 protesting George W. Bush’s bellicose policies. The Detroit’s International Action Center is organizing the local caravan. Cost for a seat is $60. In advance of that protest, a community rally opposing the war will be held Saturday, Oct. 19, at Detroit’s New Bethel Baptist Church, 8450 Linwood. Find out more at 313-831-0750.

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