BuzzFeed lists white Detroit businesses

Oct 3, 2014 at 3:53 pm
"12 Businesses That Are Putting Detroit On The Map" 

The BuzzFeed listicle headline—born to the world by "brand publisher" Pure Michigan Talent Connect. (What's a "brand publisher," you might ask? It seems it's the re-branding of their "featured partner." What's a "featured partner"? Find out here. For more on the fun new world of native advertising, watch this video.) 

But, I digress. BuzzFeed readers and Pure Michigan Talent Connect might not realize this, but Detroit has been "On The Map" since 1701. We have a rich history that dates to even before that time. But apparently, a lot of folks think Detroit needs companies like #5 Shinola to put it "On The Map." (As if over-priced watches assembled in Detroit and sold to wealthy people on the coasts validate the city, or make it more important.) At least the list doesn't include all the usual suspects, such as Slow's. 

Still, lots of MT's favorite businesses are on the BF list, including Sister Pie, the Detroit Bus Company, and Signal Return.

(revolver) also made it, the only black-owned business on the list. It should be noted that Detroit is over 80% African American—and (revolver) is actually in the city of Hamtramck. We also note that folks canceled their (revolver) reservations after reading about founder Tunde Wey's pop-up, Goldfinch American.

Other Detroit businesses, such as Detroit Bikes (who actually manufacture and assemble their bikes here) and Rachel's Place were overlooked. Perhaps that's because, well, there are a whole bunch of businesses in Detroit that are awesome. And it's impossible to count them all in one listicle. But it'd still be nice if the list more accurately reflected the actual makeup of the city.

See the full BuzzFeed list here.