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Readers of this column won’t be surprised to learn that News Hits has little affection for most things Christmas. But someone just slipped us a stocking-stuffer that had us ho-ho-ho-ing well before we hit our eighth cup of brandy-laced nog at the annual MT holiday bash. It is the “Lick Bush in ’04” regime change countdown calendar. It’s put out by a Royal Oak outfit called OrwellMedia. At the risk of sounding sexist, these self-styled Babes Against Bush are all extremely well-endowed — with a wonderful sense of humor. Our favorite BAB is Miss June, who wears a slinky white mini and a muscle shirt that reads: Bush Sucks/Ashcroft Swallows. And then there’s the September calendar girl, in a bathtub with suds strategically placed as she approaches her nether regions with disposable razor in hand. The caption says it all: “Bye Bye, Bushie.” Throughout the calendar significant days from years past are noted with brief entries such as this one marking Jan. 13: “2002 — Heroic pretzel tries to save America! Bush chokes, faints while stuffing his face and watching TV.” Since we got it for free, News Hits obviously thinks this calendar is worth every penny. But for those of you who have to shell out $11.95, it’s still a great item. Find out more on the Web at www.babesagainstbush.com.

There are some, though, who apparently aren’t quite as thrilled with BAB as News Hits.

After David Livingstone, founder and chief bottle washer at OrwellMedia, appeared on the Fox News program “Hannity & Colmes” in early December, his Web site sustained a substantial attack, with “death threats, bizarre religious screeds and viruses” overwhelming the company’s e-mail system. There was also a “ridiculous” amount of interest from people interested in buying the calendar.

“We’ve had to regroup,” says Livingstone. “But the good thing is that we’re going to be able to start giving money to other anti-Bush groups.”

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