Burn it right

Since good Texas-style barbecue is hard to come by in these parts, true smoked-meat aficionados of metro Detroit must abide by the old saying: “If you want something done right, then do it yourself.” In the South, barbecue is a mix of art, religion, and science; but here in the Midwest, people think they’re barbecuing if a few burgers and wieners are thrown on a gas grill. If you do get a hankering to do further experiments with meat, smoke and fire, you’ll find nearly everything you might need at the Goode Company BBQ Store (www.goodecompany.com) located in Houston, Texas. For example, there is a 32-ounce bottle of Rib Rub ($12.99), a stainless-steel spatula that would make “Alice”’s Mel Sharples proud ($11.25) and even a Tejas Combo Barrel Smoker ($995). For those not inclined to get their clothes full of smoke and grimy, black sludge, gift packs are available, including homemade pecan pie in a neat-looking wood box for $25.

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