Booby reprise

When this rag was handing out "Booby Prizes" for undistinguished achievements in 2006, our roundup of dishonorees included U.S. Rep. John Conyers, who was under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for a host of alleged violations including using staff members paid by you and me to baby-sit his kids and work on political campaigns. After we went to press, the committee announced that Conyers admitted to a "lack of clarity" in communicating with staff members regarding their duties, and that he had agreed to implement a number of procedures to guard against any future problems. Conyers also said he "accepted responsibility" for his actions. And that was it. Some on the right howled that the Detroit Democrat, now chair of the powerful Judiciary Committee since his party has taken control of House, wasn't even slapped on the wrist. And we at the Hits — for maybe the first time ever — agree with the right-wingers on this.

With Conyers in a position to help lead investigations into the White House skulduggery that got us into this mess of a war and the Bush administration's attack on constitutional rights, it is vital that the congressman be above reproach. The congressman's efforts to hold Bush accountable for what could well prove to be high crimes are far too important, and we as a country can't afford to have that pursuit sidetracked even a little by more tawdry and embarrassing allegations.

Much is now riding on your shoulders, Mr. Conyers. Please don't let us down.

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