Blowout 2006

The truth is we won't be satisfied until musical desgregration is a real thing in this town. We want to see all types of people at all shows, suburbanites Watutsi-ing with urban guerrillas, folk singers flashing metal signs, and straight-edge kids clinking their seltzer bottles on the town drunk's highball. We've got high hopes, and you guys are the ones who are going to make it happen. We've pissed off booking agents, reworked countless schedules and even taken it on the chin to finagle Blowout 2006 — we think you'll be pleased with four nights of music from some of the most forward-looking, lionhearted folks we could find. We've booked old faves for the classicists as well as some crazy-ass new shit for the bolder. This year's festivities kick off with a pre-party at the Majestic complex: We tried to make it fun — there's intelligent rap from Raw Collection, electroclash insanity courtesy of Johnny Headband and lilting alt-country from Loretta and the Larkspurs. There's a Dorkwave dance party in the Garden Bowl and party rock from Downtown Brown and Crud in the Majestic. For the rest of the week, we've got a little bit of something for everyone. Viva integration. Pay it forward. —Blowout Central


Shared Sonic Mania
by Chris Handyside
Rock show lifers veer off the beaten path.

Slithering horns
by Walter Wasacz
Ripping and soaring with the Odd Clouds.

Women folk
by Eve Doster
Detroit’s all-girl old-timey outfit surprises.

Raw dog
by Khari Kimani Turner
Seven Mile’s Raw Collection reps the hood.

Margin walkers
by Johnny Loftus
The Holy Fire teeters on the verge.

Goodbye, Detroit
by Jonathan Cunningham
DJ House Shoes on Dilla’s departure — and his own.

Blowout drive-bys
by Metro Times music staff
Snapshots of the sounds around town.

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