Blowin' up!

Mar 3, 2010 at 12:00 am

Wow! So we've reached the lucky 13th of the largest and best all-local music festival in the country. Wonder if Chris Handyside ever envisioned how big the shebang would become when he kicked off this whole Blowout thing 12 years ago this month. As always, special thanks and much love to Eve Doster Knepp, Blowout's hard-working booker and producer. You can't imagine how difficult that job is at times — what with local prima donnas, whiny bands that don't like another band that's on their bill, guitarists with broken hands, etc. But there's something for everyone this year — both rockers and techno geeks, rappers and country-folkers, youngsters and geezers, ... maybe even a future White Stripes or Eminem (both of whom played Blowout in the past) or two or three in the midst of all the musical madness. So y'all already know the drill — drink lots, sleep little, dress warm (although the forecast claims it's going to be a beautiful weekend, weather-wise), rock out ... and enjoy! Detroit, this is your music festival —Bill Holdship, music editor

Working man's blues by Bill Holdship
Don Duprie of Doop & the Inside Outlaws: 'It's all about the song.'

Loaded by Brian Smith
Kenny Tudrick's Cannon is about the songs — and a kind of brotherhood

Who the fuck is SelfSays? by Travis R. Wright
Journeyman emcee moves to the Motor City and takes over ... London?

DIY mythmaker by Chris Handyside
Singer-songwriter Tim Monger does it slow but steady

Geek soul by Brett Callwood
The Wrong Numbers are in it for the fun, fun, fun!

Blowout Motor City Fives by Metro Times music staff
Some musical faves field our five

Judge a band by its cover by Travis R. Wright
A look at defining albums of a couple Blowout bands

The Blowout Schedule by Metro Times music staff
Your guide to four nights of massive music and mayhem

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