Berkley Spy Shop man does his job very well

The mission, as we chose to accept it, seemed very simple: go to the Spy Shop in Berkley and grab an interview with the owner-manager. That has to be fun, right? It’s a spy shop. Our heads were full of images of James Bond, glamor, intrigue

Yeah, it wasn’t like that at all. Although, the Spy Shop does stock cool items that aren’t what they look like. Is that an iPod Shuffle? Nope, it’s a camera. A pair of sunglasses? Camera. Zippo lighter? Another camera. You get the idea.

So we walked in, and the manager guy was on the phone. When he was done, we introduced ourselves and asked if he’d be interested in an interview. He sighed and said no.

“Are you sure?” we asked. “It’ll be good fun, and free publicity. “No,” he said, again. He then looked down at the ground until we left.

Washout? Not at all. We learned that the guy in the Spy Shop on 12 Mile in Berkley is very good at his job. He keeps his cards pressed against his chest and reveals nothing. We couldn’t recommend him more. In fact, if you have a secret that you’re just busting to tell to someone, just drop into the Spy Shop and tell the owner, then leave.

His lips are sealed.

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