Belle Isle to Require $11 Recreation Passport Starting Feb. 10

Jan 30, 2014 at 10:23 am

Belle Isle is set to become Michigan's 102nd state park, and will begin requiring an $11 Recreation Passport for car access starting Feb. 10. The requirement will be introduced gradually and will not be enforced until the owner's next registration renewal date.

From michigan/gov:

"This gradual introduction mirrors the initial 2010 introduction of the Recreation Passport at all Michigan state parks," said Ron Olson, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) chief of the Parks and Recreation Division. "The Recreation Passport was legislatively established as a much-needed funding source for state park infrastructure improvements since no taxpayer dollars go to funding Michigan's existing state parks. Many of the state's best and most priceless natural resources are housed and protected within these state parks. Purchasing a Recreation Passport for every vehicle every year, whether or not a citizen even visits state parks, is vital to protecting Michigan's natural resources for future generations."

The recreation Passport is only necessary for vehicles, not individuals. Recreation Passports are $11 for Michigan-registered vehicles, $5 for motorcycles and $16.10 for buses. Non-Michigan registered vehicles will require a $31.10 non-resident Recreation Passport for entry, which can be purchased on-site or online by visiting

Check out one of our favorite ghettotech jams, "Belle Isle Players" below: