Battle Creek man wears thong as coronavirus mask, assaults man who mocked him

Apr 9, 2020 at 10:58 am
click to enlarge Battle Creek man wears thong as coronavirus mask, assaults man who mocked him

In this time of crisis, we've had no choice but to be resourceful especially when it comes to DIY protective cloth face masks to protect from coronavirus transmission. Some folks are using their sewing skills to make custom gear, others are utilizing tutorials on how to craft masks from household items, like bandanas and hair ties. A Battle Creek man, however, took resourcefulness to a new level when he used a thong to cover his face.

The Battle Creek Enquirer
reports that a warrant has been issued for a 47-year-old male after he assaulted another man who mocked him for wearing a thong to cover his mouth and nose as makeshift COVID-19 mask on Monday. The victim, 57, alleges the thong-faced man came to his house, at which point the victim teased the suspect, suggesting his mask looked like the thongs laying around his house.

The suspect, visibly upset, left the premises only to return 45 minutes later to assault the victim, who claims he was struck on the side of the head and fell to the ground where the suspect proceeded to kick him in the ribs. Police were unable to locate the man.

This news comes just a week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged all American's to wear cloth masks when they leave the house to combat the spread of coronavirus.

It turns out the suspect might be on to something. An Oregon dentist recently demonstrated how to turn men's boxer briefs into a DIY mask. Meanwhile, it appears some men in Japan have been hip to the underwear-mask game and were seen sporting women's thongs due to global mask shortages last month.

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