Batman V Superman news – LexCorp in Michigan

We’re not sure exactly where it is, but Metropolis and Gotham City are spread over Michigan (notably Plymouth, Birmingham and Detroit), and Lex Luthor’s LexCorp building has popped up.

Thanks to for the pic, which shows a very contemporary, techy-style building. Seems like the perfect place for a modern day version of Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg) to conduct business from.

In related news, Nikki Finke, formerly of Deadline Hollywood, said on her website that she believes Batman v Superman will be followed with a Shazam movie in July 2016, Sandman in December 2016, Justice League in May 2017, Wonder Woman in July 2017, a Flash/Green Lantern team-up in December 2017, and Man of Steel 2 in May 2018.

The source isn’t rock solid, but let’s hope she’s right, and let’s hope they film at least some of those movies in Detroit.

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