Baiting the trap

You’d imagine a candidate for governor would think twice before employing a campaign tactic that exposes himself as sneaky and underhanded, but that’s exactly the tack taken by Republican Dick Posthumus in his debate with Jennifer Granholm in Detroit last week. Three times Michigan’s version of Tricky Dickie pressed Granholm to tell the world whether she voted yes or no on the statewide tax measure Proposal A way back in 1994, and three times Jenny stood there silent and stoic, offering only a tight-lipped little smile in response.

Within seconds of the debate’s conclusion, the Post-man’s minions were scurrying through the crowd, buttonholing reporters to tell them the reason Michigan’s premier soccer mom remained mum was that — gasp — she hadn’t voted at all that election.

Heaven forbid.

If Dick knew the answer, why not come out and say it instead of pretending otherwise? Obviously he was playing dumb in the hopes of baiting Granholm into lying. She didn’t bite, and Posthumus came off looking like yet another ferret who’ll do anything to win.

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