Sep 6, 2006 at 12:00 am

Sweet pimpin' — In April '06, a couple of bored Brits decided to engage in some kitchen-table surgery ... on their candy. They took a Kit Kat Chunky, removed the peanut butter, replaced it with a store-bought brand, reassembled it, and then — naturally — posted photos of the experiment on the Internet.

As is often the case with such amusing acts of stupidity, the one-shot gag resulted in a full-blown Web site, devoted to the art of revamping your snacks:

The site encourages patrons to document the pimping of their favorite treats, and submit photos.

Most of the entries consist of recipes and instructional manuals for creating Andre the Giant-sized versions of sweet treats: Oreos the size of hubcaps, etc. Be sure to check out the ginormous Kit Kat, which is more than 4 feet long. According to the creators, the behemoth bar amounts to 45,888 calories, 1,860 grams of saturated fat and 1,120 Weight Watchers points (three months' worth of a daily allowance for a woman). Zoinks!

But hold up, wait a minute! Didn't that site used to be You bet yo pimp ass it was. But in June, Viacom pimp-slapped the site owners with a letter suggesting that the phrase "Pimp My Snack" infringed on the trademark of MTV's Pimp My Ride.

The site owners, not wanting to deal with a legal battle, changed their domain, but kept, using it to post all their correspondences with Viacom, and the company's hilarious attempts to prove it owns the phrase "Pimp My."

Is that some big corporate pimpin' or what?

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