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Bolly Wha? — Always been curious about Bollywood? Direct your browser to, which bills itself as "India's premier Bollywood portal" (don't worry, the site is in English). You can scroll through galleries of Bollywood's hunky, busty stars, catch up on gossip, watch trailers for upcoming films and read movie reviews. There's even a cute feature that allows you to view photos of famous Bollywood stars when they were wee little tykes.

More of the same (minus the kiddie photos) can be found at, which has a meatier section devoted to Bollywood star gossip. There's even a Bollywood blog, at

If you're still scratching your head over this whole thing, head on over to, which is essentially a "Bollywood for Dummies" cyber manual. In addition to laying down the basics, the site reveals the answers behind some cinematic mysteries. Kissing is actually very rare in most Bollywood films, and the site tells you why (strict censors; actresses don't want to lose their conservative fans). And did you know that tugging on one's ears is a gesture of apology? And wagging your thumb can mean one of two things: it's a way of telling someone "shame on you" or "nah nah!" You can see even see little ear-tugging and thumb-wagging video clips, along with demonstrations of other gestures, traditions and a glossary of words. The whole site is fun, educational and culturally illuminating — see, Mom, the Internet isn't all bad.

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