Travel trail – OK, so the name is a wee bit dorky — but the concept behind is a good one. Few people like traveling alone — and often your friends' schedules, income and level of thrill-seeking don't always coincide with your own. Always wanted to go skydiving but your best man is too chicken? Is your dream chick a wicked snowboarder and you just can't find her? If you sign up for this service, you can address all of those needs and more.

The idea for the site was hatched when its two male founders were chilling on the Utah ski slopes and pondered how they could hook up with a few fellow friendly snow bunnies. Obviously, there's a dating element to the site, but there are plenty of platonic adventures to be found — simply create a profile, and you can search for fellow travelers or organize a trip or event of your own and promote it to others.

And if the trips you see aren't to your liking, scope out these other sites: and

So, you made it out to the Rocky Mountains and met some great people on the trail, but dropped your Palm Pilot in a stream and lost their contact info. Fear not, and log onto this nifty site: Just register, type in the location you met your newfound, newly lost pals and cross your fingers. If you don't succeed, log on to the similar sites and and try your luck there.

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