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Liberal libations — Given the current presidential administration, things look pretty bleak for those who lean toward the left. Since Sandra Day O’Conner has split, Roe v. Wade teeters in a precarious position; the Shrub is pushing “intelligent design” in schools and the Christian right wants to censor everything from video games to TV commercials. If you’re a liberal, there’s only one solution, given the sad, sorry current state of affairs: drink until you can’t feel the pain anymore!

Alas, we all know that one of the key signs of an alcohol “problem” is drinking by yourself — but now you needn’t worry. Thanks to, you can get shit-faced with like-minded parties, bitching about Bush while knocking back the tequila shots ... just the way it should be. After all, how many of you drank your way through the last election, and the following days.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a branch in Detroit just yet — but we’re hoping some industrious sot, er, soul out there will start one up soon. In the meantime, there’s a forum ( that is also perfect for total social-phobes who never want to leave the comfort of their homes (just remember, friends don’t let friends drink and post on the Internet).

And if you need a drinking game, why not try out Yes, it’s not technically a drinking game, but anyone who spent one semester in college knows that problem can quickly be amended with some creative bending of the rules. Bottoms up!

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