Superman is a dick — In light of the forthcoming remake of Superman, set to hit the theaters in 2006, be aware: Superman isn’t actually a great guy. No, Superman is really a dick. At least, that’s the story according to This Web site is a collection of old comic book covers and panels that feature Superman behaving in a truly dick-ish manner.

Apparently it all started in November 2004, when someone started a thread about outlandish comic book covers on a message board. Two covers featured Superman being a total dick — and from there it spread across the Internet, eventually leading to The site features dozens of pieces of evidence of Superman’s dickery, ranging from appalling insensitivity to brazen attempts to take over the world. According to the site all the images are real, but in this day and age of Photoshop, who knows for sure? In any case, some of them are utterly hilarious, especially the Father’s Day cover, where Superman incinerates a frumpy sweater with laser beams shooting from his eyes, or the one where Superman bitch-slaps JFK. And the truly disturbing cover where Superman is poised in a Hitler-like salute, surrounded by minions bearing flags with his initial? Kinda makes Grand Theft Auto look innocent in comparison.

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