Libation publication — We here at Metro Times understand the true key to creative and artistic excellence. Perseverance? Nope. Voracious ambition? Nuh-uh. The driving force behind all successful writers, artists and musicians? It’s drinking! Duh! Just ask Hunter S. Thompson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, just about any great musician … shall we go on?

For years, geniuses who just so happen to be sots and lushes have been shamed, but thankfully, a countermovement is blossoming; at, they know that Evian bottle you’re sipping isn’t really full of water — and it’s OK.

The publication has all sorts of nifty articles, columns and regular features: Wino Wisdom, Comics for Alcoholics, Gin Soaked Fiction, Bartender in Heat … there’s all sorts of fascinating and useful information that you’ll no doubt forget in your next blackout.

Here’s a rundown from the FAQ:

Who are you? We are a group of functional alcoholics based primarily in Denver, CO. Included in our ranks are published novelists, filmmakers, English gentlemen, barflies, punk rock musicians, comedians, outright dastards and admitted boozeheads.

Do you mind the word alcoholic? No. We are taking it back from the fascists. Soon it will be considered a compliment.

Do you really believe that? Maybe.

Are you drunk right now? Most likely.

If you work hard and aim high, maybe one day you too can be the magazine’s featured Drunkard of the Month. You can also subscribe to the print version (useful for soaking up vomit from the carpet).

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