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Art can be found anywhere, and virtually everything is for sale. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that art, particularly "High Art," often makes appearances at the mall and grocery store. Take, for instance, Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste. Nowhere on the packaging is the actual Dutch oil painter or his work mentioned; but the name itself conjures up images of quality, sophistication and a smile bright enough to be immortalized in a 17th-century portrait. That Rembrandt’s paintings are rather dark and moody, or that oil paintings tend to crack and yellow, is not important. All you need to know is that for $5.99 you can own America’s No.1 whitening toothpaste choice of dental hygienists.


Located on the top of the Rose Acre Farms’ size large egg carton is an image of Michelangelo’s "Creation of Adam." My first thought was that the Adam-God finger touch was a neat symbolic way of explaining genetically altered food, but it turns out these free-range eggs were not produced with growth hormones. Above Adam’s outstretched arm is the slogan, "Artwork for the Millennium by Michelangelo, Eggs for a new millennium by Rose Acre Farms." But Rose Acre Farms is promoting more than art. Inside the container is a Biblical passage about rejoicing and being glad. I’m glad that for 69 cents we can all have art and religion for breakfast.


In response to the horror and despair caused by World War I, a small group of artists created the Dada art movement. Consisting of nonsensical creations that challenge traditional notions of beauty and logic, Dada is both provocative and irrational; Marcel Duchamp’s presentation of a urinal as a ready-made sculpture captures the movement’s absurd spirit. Contemporary urban fashion is equally absurd – brightly colored, expensive and quickly out of style. While there appears to be no direct link between Dada artists and the Dada Footwear Co., the artists would surely appreciate the implicit irony. Check out, to view the latest styles of shoes posed in front of shiny tire rims.

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