Attention Span


A new year means you have to make a commitment. So many to choose from, but only one will be around for the whole year ... yes, selecting a calendar is never easy. Virtually every person, place and thing has been photographed 12 times and turned into a calendar. You can check out the fly-by-night calendar stores at the mall or just pick one of these:

1. The Ricky Martin Calendar (, $8.96). Iknow, his 15minutes of fame are about up, but he's an international superstar, and he was in Menudo — doesn't that count for anything? If his career begins to fade you can always connect his eyebrows with a black marker and tell people it's really Frida Kahlo.

2. The Artists of the Twentieth Century calendar (Golden Turtle Press, 800-932-0070) features photographs of not only Kahlo but all the other heavyweights — Picasso, Pollock and Matisse to name a few. Aside from helping you look artsy to your co-workers, you can use this calendar to start conversations about "last century."

3. 14,000 Things to Be Happy About Calendar ($9.95, is perfect for the pessimists in your life. Give them a daily dose of optimism to brighten the day. If you're lucky, it'll last a month before they burn it.

4. The Dr. Laura Go Take On the Day Calendar ($11.99) will loom over your desk and force you to keep your resolutions. The evil eye of America's favorite on-air doc will instill responsibility, morality and fear into your life. Place the calendar near the radio and pretend her shrill voice is talking to you.

5. Available at is a series of calendars dedicated to farm animals. Not just pretty ponies, but cows, pigs, and my personal favorite, chickens. If your only exposure to chickens is at the grocery store's meat counter, you can become acquainted with the subtle majesty of chickens one month at a time with the Chickens 2000 calendar ($11.99).

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