Attention Span

Dec 22, 1999 at 12:00 am


Never fear, weary travelers; baggage claim just got easier. The Luggage Locator is an electronic, remote-controlled gadget that attaches to your suitcase. A push of the button on the remote sets off an alarm and a bright flashing light on your suitcase, letting you know where your bag is on the airport conveyor. The water-resistant device is advertised as easy to use, rugged and lightweight. One remote can handle several receivers, allowing the owner to keep track of multiple pieces of luggage. One transmitter / receiver set costs about $50, while additional receivers go for about $30 each. Visit for more.


For party-goers who don't mind chucking away social responsibility (and their holiday meals), Spencer Gifts offers three drinking board games that require more shot glasses than brains. Party Till You Puke remains true to its makers' description: "A game with no redeeming social value whatsoever." Pass Out, however, goes one better. It requires players to recite tongue twisters between mind-blurring chugs. The classic titled Beer actually takes players on a trip around the board to not-so-surprising destinations, such as an Irish pub and a village bar. These three games ring in at less than $20 each and are available at and Spencer Gifts retail stores. Have fun, kids. But don't play and drive.


As cellular phones become more essential to life in our fast-paced, information-obsessed times, electronics manufacturer Nokia wants to allow consumers to add a touch of personal style to their cellular companions. The Nokia 5100 series digital phones can hold high-style Xpress-on covers in various patterns and colors. The company recently introduced a new limited edition line of Disney covers that wear the smiling faces of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. The cell phone plates snap on and off easily, so users can have a virtual wardrobe of covers to suit their mood or the holiday season. The character plates are about $40 each. Get more information from or visit a retailer near you.