Ask a Juggalo: Why do some Juggalos call each other ninja?

Vinnie Monaster, 34, is a longtime Juggalo living in Roseville. He's better known as Vinnie the ICP Kid, who was interviewed in his bedroom "museum" in the 1997 ICP film Shockumentary.

Q: Why do Juggalos call each other ninja? What does that mean?

A: Aww, that's fresh. This goes all the way back to the beginning, to the beginning to the philosophy of Psychopathic Records. It's a compliment. To use the word ninja is a lot of honor, and you gotta be real skillful and real tactful. To be a ninja, you are a master of the arts. And it's not smoke and mirrors; this isn't some kind of hocus-pocus. It's the real deal. Being able to show up and literally have nothing in your pocket but be able to help someone or be able to be real cool. All of a sudden, somebody is hooking you up. They're figuring out a way to get you into the show. Whether it's a little bit of help from this person or a little bit of help from that person, it's amazing. Just to be a ninja, you're not just extremely down with the clown, you're a master, whether it's making sure that you're spreading the word and getting other Juggalos involved or explaining the benefits and the fun that's involved in being a Juggalo. Making it to the shows and listening to the music and spreading the good word. To be a ninja, that is so old-school. That's what I consider myself. I'm an old-school ninja. Flat out. Right off the bat, you're probably not a ninja. You have to have the skills. Once you've really found yourself and once you're really, really getting everything out of it that you want, that is truthfully being a ninja. Pulling out all [the] stops. It's really simple as far as — you could either just get by or go through the motions and that's completely acceptable, or you could be rocking the full ability to make everything around you better and to not be missing the mark. And just be schooling it. It takes skills, heart, loyalty, vision, if you will. Leadership. — mt

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