Ask a Juggalo: How do Juggalettes keep their face paint from running?

Q: How do Juggalettes keep their face paint from running?

A:Oddly enough, Juggalettes keep their face paint from running the same way Juggalos keep their face paint from running. The way I do it and the way most do it is you can use any kind of neutral powder — like a baby powder, but usually clear powder works the best — and you just put a light powdering over your face and then spray your face with a sealer. It basically fills it in. You can use Ben Nye products. They sell an actual sealer; it's an alcohol-based sealer that you spray on over their setting powder, and that seals it. You don't want to get it in your eyes or breathe it in too much. You just hold your breath, close your eyes, and just spray your face all over. It's alcohol-based so it dries quickly. Once it dries, your paint is set. They actually have a remover that you would use to take it off, because once it's set, it's very difficult to actually get off. I've had my paint last through Faygo Armageddons and Faygo showers and everything. Just like Juggalos; their paint don't run like we don't run. Of course, as with most things in the world, it can get a little pricey after a while, so the cheaper route would be any alcohol-based spray with sealant, and hair spray works about the same as any other.

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