Ask a Juggalo: Are Juggalos disrespectful toward women?

A newer ICP fan from Brazil writes: As a Juggalo, how do you feel about the claims that most Juggalos are disrespectful toward women?

A: It's totally opposite in my experience. Any Juggalos I've come in contact with over my 20 years have been more respectful to women, I think. I go back to saying that they're the nicest group of people I've ever met or dealt with. In my experience, it's been nothing but positive and not disrespectful at all. A good example is that I have a lot of surgeries and am on crutches a lot. ICP shows are the only ones I go to on crutches because I know people look out for me and make sure I'm OK. We go to a lot of other metal shows, and I would never go there on crutches. I don't know those people; people are always pushing into you. I've been to gatherings on crutches. I'm standing in line for the Porta-John on crutches and people let me go ahead of them. My experience has been totally opposite. I believe they're more respectful than most people toward women.

Q: I wouldn't say I'm a Juggalo or anything, but I do have quite a few brothers and sisters who are. I am, however, considered a Brony [Google it — Ed.]. My friends who are down with the clown are totally cool and accept my love for the fandom. I do sometimes wonder what would happen if the two fandoms met. Would they chill and swap stories, since Juggalos know what it means to be outcasts? Or am I just a lucky guy to have such understanding friends. What's the Juggalo take on Bronies?

A: I think any group that's considered "outcasts" is gonna stick together. I think, if anything, that Juggalos are very open-minded to other things and people's interests. It goes back to us being judged all the time. We make a point to not judge other people because we know how it feels. We're very accepting of different things like that because we know how it feels. We wear clown paint; we can't really talk. Obviously you have some really good friends as well, but Juggalos as a whole are very open-minded to things.

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