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Waiting to inhale The American Lung Association of Michigan nearly had a heart attack a few weeks ago when they realized that the live show "The Rat Pack is Back," which they are scheduled to host on Sept. 12, at the Gem Theatre, features portrayals of Frank, Sammy, Joey and Dean smoking through the evening's performance.

ALAM CEO Rose Adams said, "This would not have been a good evening for an organization like ours which has been instrumental in influencing people to stop smoking across the country." Gee, ya think?

A few quick calls to the Gem Theatre turned things around, though: For one night only, the stage will light up but the crooners won't. Proceeds benefit ALAM research and educational initiatives, so cough up the cash to hear renditions of what the good ole boys used to belt out.


Point & dripJackson Pollock's abstract expressionist work invites you into his studio. By looking at a finished canvas, you can trace every drip and drool from the artist's slobbering brush. Pollock always lost a little bit of control once he poised to paint, as he raised his hand. On, you can get a sense of the challenge he faced with action painting. This Web site's drawing program gets going as soon as the page loads. You make your mark as soon as you move your mouse, and one click changes the color. While you can't catch the same air he did with his splashes and whirls, you can't twitch an inch without seeing the results, the traces of a dance. It's a fun distraction from daily drudgery.

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