App-titude: 3 great new tools for iPads, iPhones and Droids

Jun 23, 2011 at 3:26 pm
Every month there are thousands of new mobile device apps as software evolves to match increasingly powerful hardware. This summer the pace continues with release dates set for some exciting new technologies across various carriers. They range from useful tools to mere time-killers.

Here are three already available apps that caught our attention:

Earlier this month, development company m3me released App Conductor HD, which allows users to control their Mac or Windows computer remotely, via iPad. Users can manage programs as well as open, close and minimize applications and windows. App Conductor HD, as launcher, opens applications the same as double-

clicking an icon with your mouse. All you need to do is install your computer Conductor Server, a free sister application that allows HD to function through a w-ifi network.

M3me put out a demo video of the apps capabilities, click here to view. Overall it's fairly useful for quick navigation, native keyboard controls on desktop computers being at times tedious for searching applications and opening windows.  Remote Conductor HD is also available and gives the user the ability to transform an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a remote keyboard. ($2.99)

For those living a more active lifestyle (or intending to), Adidas’ miCoach is now available for Android. This app is like having a personal trainer in your pocket, complete with everything you need to track your progress. Personalized

workouts can be planned and workout data synced to to view your results. Everything from calories burned to distance covered, even pace and route can be viewed online. Voice coaching keeps users motivated and the beautiful interface allows you to have your own music playlists while you exercise. You can even receive updates on shoe usage with wear alerts. Great looking app and highly functional. (Free)

Recently updated and now fully optimized for iPad 2, the 2011 Apple Design Award winning app djay sports some solid new features. BPM detection, improved

syncing and auto-alignment of cue points are just some of the things that make this app more than just a novelty play-toy for iTunes. It's realistically functional for house parties or gatherings where full turntables may be impractical. It has a great looking interface, complete with full waveforms and scratch control, even the ability to record mixes. Perfect app for music lovers looking to tinker around with the basics of deejaying while being simple enough to quickly throw together a playlist to impress friends. ($9.99)

With so many new apps arriving every day, it's hard to keep track. But some apps do serve as invaluable business tools and networking platforms, some provide much-needed organizational support,  some just plain make life easier. What are the three apps that you have couldn't go without?

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