All's not well

Sep 25, 2002 at 12:00 am

State Rep. Raymond Basham, D-Romulus, says he feels that he has “been slapped in the face” by Kwame Kilpatrick’s administration.

As we previously reported, Basham’s been trying to enlist the aid of Detroit’s mayor in the battle to prevent the planned dumping of hazardous liquid waste into two 4,700-foot wells in Romulus. According to Basham, he’s been unable to get any response from the city.

Then, last week, he received a letter from Sarah Lile, director of Detroit’s Environmental Affairs Department. It wasn’t exactly the communication he was hoping for. Instead of talking about hazardous waste wells, Lile ordered Basham to remove all campaign signs from public property or the city will take him to court. But Basham claims he doesn’t have a single campaign sign in the city. That would make sense, because he has no constituents here.

“If they can send me a letter on sign postings that don’t exist, certainly they can pick up the phone and arrange a meeting to have some serious talks on environmental concerns, more specifically the wells,” says Basham.

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