Adios, Dennis

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A la David Letterman, here are our very own “Top 10” reasons Dennis Archer decided not to seek re-election:

10. Things were tough enough during a decade of unprecedented economic growth. Holding the reins while the economy takes a nosedive doesn’t sound like much fun.

9. Gov. Archer?

8. Things could get very, very ugly once the feds announce what their investigation into the Detroit Police Department has uncovered.

7. He was actually serious when he said all three casinos had to be on the riverfront.

6. There is bound to be at least one major snowstorm during the next four years.

5. Wasn’t sure he could blow out all 300 candles on Detroit’s birthday cake.

4. Streetlights still aren’t on.

3. With George Bush in the White House, there weren’t gong to be any more sleepovers in the Lincoln bedroom.

2. After seven years of trying, he realized he was never going to be the MFIC.

1. No more worries about what’s going to be in News Hits every Wednesday.

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