ACLU of Michigan launches app to record police officers

Jun 3, 2015 at 1:31 pm

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan (ACLU) says a new smartphone app will allow anyone to quickly record and report police misconduct. 

“It’s every citizen’s right to film the police, and we believe that accountability is essential to building trust between communities and law enforcement and to creating confidence that the criminal justice system is fair,” said Kary Moss, executive director of the ACLU of Michigan, in a statement. “With this app, we empower citizens to know their rights and to document life-threatening interactions.”

Called "Mobile Justice MI," the app functions off three settings: "record," "witness," and "report." The ACLU says they allow the following:

Record: provides citizens the capability to record audio or video of an interaction between a police officer and themselves, or other individuals. The files are automatically sent to the ACLU of Michigan.
Witness: Sends an alert that someone has been stopped by police "so that community members can move toward the location and document the interaction."
Report: Allows anyone to file an incident report that is immediately sent to the ACLU of Michigan.

The app is available on iPhone and Android devices.