Abandoned Shelter of the Week

Jul 12, 2002 at 12:00 am
Felines from far and wide apparently find the postmodern architecture of the slanting porch at 4556 24th St. a perfect lounging spot. Kitty litter is abundant, with a full bag resting nearby. A well-worn path leads nosy reporters to an unlocked piece of wood posing as a door that opens with a creak. An overwhelming odor spews forth, representing every stench the structure has ever known. But The House of a Thousand Smells is more than just an olfactory nightmare. On the staircase is an empty box that once held a VHS of the "Hottest Stars in Adult Video" featuring a woman on the cover with makeup as thick as the air in the house. Clothing, liquor bottles and other goodies prevent a safe passage into the rest of the house, and floorboards groan with warning. Neighbors say no one goes in or out of the house, but the eerie silence of the neighborhood makes News Hits smell a rat, among other things.

Text by editorial intern Megan Frye.
Photo by editorial intern Tricia Woolfenden.

Editor’s note: If you know of an abandoned home you would like to see featured in this spot, send a photo and pertinent information to News Hits, c/o Metro Times, 733 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48226 (or e-mail [email protected]).

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