Abandoned Shelter of the Week

Cuteness and light — There is a little slice of car-wash heaven on the corner of John R and E. Palmer: the "New Cultural Center Hand Car Wash."

The building’s white and blue façade is a vision of sweetness and light in the midst of a run-down, sparsely populated neighborhood. The rear wall of the building has a familiar late-’80s advertisement for WJZZ Radio, complete with rainbow and city skyline. The slanting red roof gives the structure a cozy, Alpine feel, and one would expect not only a fine car wash, but fresh cookies and milk with every purchase.

In 1961, the very wholesome sounding Major Sanders and his wife Annie Mae bought the property, but when it became a car wash remains unknown.

The property’s list price is only $900, and the ASS, all a-glow with the cuteness of this building, thinks that someone should buy it and set up a grandma-run cookie and craft stand inside.

Text by editorial intern Domenique Osborne.
Photo by editorial intern Tricia Woolfenden.

Editor’s note: If you know of an abandoned home you would like to see featured in this spot, send a photo and pertinent information to News Hits, c/o Metro Times, 733 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48226 (or e-mail [email protected]).

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