2009 Metro Times Gift Guide

Nov 25, 2009 at 12:00 am

Greetings, faithful readers, and welcome to our consumerist manual to International Western Commerce Season! ... Er, better, our guide of handpicked holiday giftables for those folks you love and those you pretend to love (and if you yourself are among the latter, please watch for our upcoming self-esteem issue). It's another on-the-cheap season, to be sure, so our choices run the price-point gamut — there's plenty of stuff for the price of smokes, for example, and a few "trinkets" for those who can still exhale inside a rarefied tax bracket. After some dreaming, deliberation and study, you'll find something for anyone, from old English "D" necklaces, video games and Detroit-geek books to soul-soothing fiction (local authors even!), "adult" candy canes and tons of music and pop culture collectables (and cast-asides), and so on.

And after so much holiday assimilation, we plan to even have a nickel or two leftover! Nice. —Brian Smith, managing editor

Slip 'em a disc
by Metro Times music staff

DVDs, CDs, box sets and reissues to give — if only to yourself

Literary largesse
by Metro Times book critics
An index of titles worthy of a spot under the tree

It's in the 313, baby
by Megan O'Neil

Do yourself (and all of us) a favor this season and skip online and mall shopping in favor of the local indie

Rockin' reads
by Bill Holdship
MT's annual guide to the year's grooviest rock literature

Sonic supreme
by Brian Smith
Last-word versions of classic Motor City related albums

Money's no object
by Sandra Svoboda
A selective list for the few who can still splurge and the many who can dream

'I began writing in mystery'
by Norene Smith

A few words with Philip Levine

Easy Riders
by Ann Sexxton
To slide easily into the stocking

Detroit gets booked
by Michael Jackman

A shortlist of this year’s fab Motor City reads

Hanging around the scene
by W. Kim Heron

An obsessed photographer, eye-candy for crate diggers and a thousand lyrics

Swingin' X-mas party
by Bryant Franks

Or proof that you really do have opposable thumbs!