Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ye Old Central Station Rep's PR Statement

Posted on Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 5:26 PM

Lots of articles have been written recently about Michigan Central Station and its Daddy Moroun's company pulling permits to do work on the building that is the epitome of What's-Wrong-With-Detroit.

We posted a pic of new work done on the windows.

Mickey Blashfield, a representative of NBIT (but found at Central Transport), offered us this statement. We are running it here, in it's entirety, because we thought you'd like to read it for your self.

Statement of Mickey Blashfield, Director of Governmental Relations for NBIT, Inc. confirming permit applications for a service elevator at the Michigan Central Depot (Detroit, MI)

“We are obtaining building permits to install a service elevator. A new freight elevator is the next step of work on the venerable Michigan Central Depot and will allow the smooth installation of windows and roof work as we continue to prepare the building for a new day.

“As with the rehabilitation of any historic structure, it always takes more time and money than first expected. In addition to applying for the building permits we are keeping City of Detroit officials updated on our progress and plans.”

Facts Regarding the Michigan Central Depot:

-       The Michigan Central Depot is operated by NBIT, Inc., a Moroun family company.

-       Over $4 million has been invested to date of interior enhancement, preparation and security work.

-       Electricity service was to the building interior was restored in 2012.

-       Interior demolition work (asbestos removal, clearing of the pipe chases, water removal, etc.) has        been ongoing since 2011.

-       Property taxes have continuously been current since the company obtained the Depot in the 1990’s.

-       Enhanced perimeter security including fencing, closed circuit cameras and security patrols have been in place at the depot 24/7 while work on the Depot continues.

-       Admirers of the building are always welcome to snap a photo from outside the security fence; for safety & security reasons, trespassers are prosecuted!

How 'bout that, folks?

Also: Anyone know a trespasser that's been prosecuted?

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