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The Microsoft Zune digital music player is less than a month old, but it's already facing tremendous adversity. For those unaware, the Zune is Microsoft's attempt to create an 'iPod killer'. And while the unit offers a few nifty features, such as wireless song sharing (Microsoft calls this "squirting") and a built in FM transmitter, Microsoft's glaring flubs re: Zune have given company haters a wealth of new material. Here is just a sampling...

The Chicago Sun-Times declared the Zune experience, "just plain dreadful."

The Zune is not compatible with Microsoft's new OS, Vista.

The Zune will not play previously purchased digital music, even those once supported by Microsoft.

Zune's wireless capability (or limitations) are causing all sorts of issues for users, and artists alike.

The Zune has already been hacked...

Microsoft has hidden 100 "limited edition" pink Zunes in regular Zune boxes.

Finally, here is CNN's Zune review, in which the iPod shuffle steals the show...

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