ZMX 6.21.12

Jun 11, 2012 at 11:19 am
Passalacqua's "Better (Re)-Made"

Two years, two albums, two rappers.

More revue than re-mix, this Detroit hip-hop duo proves just how many heads they’ve turned and hearts they’ve won thus far by dint of the impressive local contemporaries from a range of genres/styles that have lined up to flip, flare and fry up the batch of funky summertime jams they put out eight months ago.

Phantasmagoria, Doss The Artist, Jah Connery, Kopelli (Cold Men Young), Jamaican Queens and many more transform the originals’ soulful grooves into alluringly darker night-drive-facilitating blends of a more psychedelic rap sparked by swoons of atmospheric electronica.

Stay tuned to their site for some song streams soon...


Next week (6/21) they'll play what's essentially a tour-kickoff show at the Northern Lights Lounge - sending them off down south and back up the east coast will be some of those featured on their remix-album: Jamaican Queens (essentially the next chapter for Detroit's weird/wonderful pop outfit Prussia) Smash Television (which features Ypsi-based beatmaker Jah Connery along with rapper Leif Erikson) and Doss The Artist (who just put out an album about 6 months ago Listen: "9Lives")

Also on the bill is ostensible garage/psyche/blues trio The Ashleys. They're the wildcard and not because they've been talking about taking their rambunctious fuzz-scorched tumult into the terrain of areas like, say, Prince when Halloween-time comes... That'll be interesting. But somewhere down the line, we'll see PassalAshleys - the rock band's been making live beats and guitar-gutted riffs to facilitate the raps of Mister and Blaksmith for what will hopefully be captured onto an album of some kind.

Anyway, they're mixed into this rap/electronica-heavy line -up; should be zesty.