Yule tunes and funky cheer

Dec 10, 1997 at 12:00 am
Attention, shoppers! The warm and happy holiday sound you've been ignoring as you elbow your way through the shopping throng has been Mitch Mellow & His Muzaks' "Twelve Days of Christmas." Unfortunately, it's laced with subliminal pro-consumption messages which should hopefully explain the dozen off-brand Wonderbras and boxes of Pepperidge Farm sausage you have gift-wrapped in your trunk. What you need now is to deprogram with some tuneage not born in a secret Trilateral Commission laboratory. But since the dreaded assortment of relatives will soon descend on your home and hearth, it's got to be holiday tuneage. Here's our handy list to help you keep the music flowing without resorting to running grandma over with a reindeer or giving in to A Very Special Yanni Christmas.