You can catch Detroit supergroup Will Sessions at Spot Lite this week

Plus: An extra celebratory Eid party

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Doug Coombe
Will Sessions.

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Will Sessions takes over Spot Lite: Will Sessions could be considered a Detroit supergroup of sorts, featuring a roster of musicians that would make the event flier look like an artist showcase if everyone was listed individually. Of course that wouldn’t be good for the Instagram algorithms, so instead we will list them here: The lineup on April 21 at Spot Lite will feature both Sam Beaubien and Ian Fink on the keys, Tim Shellabarger on the bass, Amir Edwards on the drums, Ryan Gimpert on the guitar, Dez Andrés on percussion, and Marcus Elliot on the saxophone. Phew! Of course you never want to assume such a thing, but perhaps we can hope for some additional special guests as well given the band’s history of collaborating with other artists. Either way, if you’re looking for an evening of funk, jazz, and soul on Friday, Spot Lite is the place to be. Presale tickets are available via Resident Advisor. —Broccoli

BLDG01 brings a fury of b2b sets: When it comes to queer music programming in Detroit, BLDG01 is surely a top contender. Whether it’s at SPKR BOX, TV Lounge, or anywhere else in the city, the crew always puts together intentional lineups that highlight the boundless amount of queer talent in Detroit, in turn cultivating a community that values inclusion, representation, and having a hell of a good time. On Saturday, April 22, BLDG01 is taking over Marble Bar to present Double Groove, a night of back-to-back sets from some killer combinations of music selectors, featuring Ashton Swinton b2b something blue, Coop b2b Julian Abel, and Tylr b2b Jaco Matthews. For those that aren’t familiar, a back-to-back set, or b2b, is a masterclass in real time collaboration where DJs go back and forth track by track, simultaneously showcasing their own unique styles while also trying to curate a set that is cohesive, danceable, and maybe even a little chaotic. If any of this sounds interesting to you, head over to Resident Advisor and grab your tickets before they’re gone. —Broccoli

Celebrate Eid al-Fitr the Detroit way: The roaming Laylit party has been spreading the new sound of the SWANA (Southwest Asian and North African) diaspora for over four years. The founding duo Wake Island is touching down from Montreal for a special edition at Spot Lite, which also happens to fall on the first night of Eid as Ramandan ends. Detroiters Aboudi Issa and Yara Bey will be holding it down behind the decks, for an extra celebratory night. They will be lighting the dance floor on fire on Saturday, April 22, with tickets on Resident Advisor. Presales are encouraged, as these parties tend to fill up. —Joe

Smoke Buddies gets Extra Crispy: Of course, every cannabis-adjacent person will be throwing some kind of event for the highest of holidaze this Thursday. While there won’t be a shortage of businesses playing top 40 playlists and handing out complimentary pre-rolls, there are a few events that actually seem like they’d be worth attending even if they weren’t hosted on this High Times phenomenon of a holiday. One in particular that sticks out to us: Extra Crispy Studios is hosting Smoke Buddies on Thursday, April 20, presented by Signature Gardens and Detroit Hiatus. The event will feature a great lineup of music from Donavan Glover, A-List, Actually Mae, Swoozy Dolphin, and Mr. Ease, as well as food by Biscuit Babes and a variety of other goodies. So if you need a place to celebrate between the hours of 5-11 p.m., head on over to to grab your presale tickets today. —Broccoli

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