Wonder Twins Blowout Report: Thursday

Mar 6, 2009 at 10:50 am

Laura: So Blowout Day 2! The first official, "so many venues and bands, so little time" frenzied evening. Did you have fun?

D'Anne: Yes. The highlight of Blowout Day Two was definitely, for me, the Juliets.

L: Yes – Jeremy Freer’s new outfit is tops. Reminded me of the Divine Comedy – one of my favorites. I'm glad I included it on my incredibly well planned schedule.

D: It was a well-planned schedule. You should frame it. It's almost cute how proud of yourself you are about it. Like those autistic people obsessed with train schedules.

L: I already have framed it and I am proud. That schedule allowed us to see seven bands in one night. So if that makes me possibly autistic. Call me Rain Man.

D: I'll call you Dustin Hoffman, if only because you have the same hair. More importantly, I'd like to say that I am super excited that the Juliets exist.

L: Yes, you're totally gay for the Juliets -- as am I. But let's start at the beginning of the evening shall we?

D: Why can't we go in reverse order?

L: You're asking somebody you just accused of having autistic tendencies to "mix it up a bit?" Ok -- I'll walk on the wild side. Let's do it.

D: Walking into the Juliets show after seeing Plain Dealers was like crossing into an alternate universe.

L: For REAL –- from punk to chamber pop. Both those sets were highlights for me. And though the Painted Lady was waay off schedule, I can't complain as much seeing as it caused us to stay for the whole Plain Dealers set.

D: Plain Dealers were awesome. I like me some hardcore musics.

L: This surprises me about you, but in a good way. Like when you find out the Pastor's son has the best weed.

D: I don't know why this would surprise you. I do own Metallica albums, after all, though I don't have weed or religion. Just good taste in music. Plain Dealers were really tight. I loved the singer's voice. It wasn't just dick-ish screaming like many so-called hardcore singers.

L: Yes - and this was their first show! They are playing with New Grenada next week at Small's -- if you missed them at Blowout you get a second chance next Saturday.

D: I am glad we got to be part of this historic moment. Even if the drummer never did take his shirt off. I think Millions of Brazilians was a good "opener" for Plain Dealers, even if we didn't see them both at the same venue.

L: Yes -- their set was a full on frenzy complete with indecent exposure and balloons.

D: You can't get more Brazilian than that. Outside of Brazil, anyway.

L: True. Also in Brazil, nobody has body hair, and I am fairly certain I got a glimpse of Nick Cicchetti’s happy trail.

D: They reminded me a bit of Franz Ferdinand. A lot frenetic energy onstage. Frenergy, if you will.

L: True, but stop trying to coin new words. Who'd we see before that?

D: That would be Wild Years. Guitar + drums + violin.

L: Yes -- at Whiskey In the Jar. I wasn't crazy about the sound in there. But I do remember the drummer had sparkly gold drums. I love sparkly drums.

D: It was hard to get a feel for their sound, but they definitely had heart. Do you think the Snoopy rug covering the amp cord was their touch or the bar's?

L: Either way it was charming. Especially since it was Santa Snoopy and it’s March. They have some shows coming up soon so I'd like to check them out a second time. What did you think of Last Tourist?

D: They kind of reminded me of Tragically Hip but with less interesting lyrics. The bassist was my favorite. He was very solid.

L: Yes -- and Paycheck's had the best sound of the night... Plus excellent use of lighting, complete with random shapes and colors.

D: Indeed. One of the shapes even looked like a hemorrhoid pillow straight out of Tron. Rock 'n' roll!

L: Sick. I don't have any idea what you're talking about.

D: Your loss. Prior to last Tourist we saw Word Play, the band, not the documentary about crossword puzzles.

L: I really like them. I had put them on my incredibly well-planned schedule because I thought you would like them too.

D: I did. They reminded me of Pavement meets Fugazi meets "I hope my son is in a band like this some day."

L: Yes -- also elements of Felt. Who I love. Also I hope your son is in a band like this someday. Seeing as he’s not even due until July, I think that gives up some time to mold his tastes and interests yet.

D: Though my son being in a band like Darling Imperial would be fine, too, as they were an exceedingly good-looking group. It takes a good-looking lady to pull off pocketless jeans.

L: Very true. They reminded me of Last of the Independents-era Pretenders. Good stuff.

D: Yes. And I'm pretty sure their set was sponsored by Abercrombie and Fitch. If not, I'm sure the band will be getting a call any day now.

L: About the venue -- Baker's isn't a place I'd ever expect to go in real life. But Blowout makes possible the opportunity to visit odd little old man hang-outs like that. The faded silk flowers in little baskets and wreath on the wall were a nice “womanly touch.” If that woman were a hard drinking, poker playing 75-year-old with a hearty laugh named Ethel or Doris, that is.

D: Right. Although I wouldn't exactly call you an unseasoned "old man hang-out" warrior. Wow, by the time Blowout is over I'll have been in more bars in one weekend than I've been in my whole life. And you'll have had a typical weekend.

L: So true. Now go take a nap -- we're doing it all again tonight...