Wonder Twins Blowout Report: Friday

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Laura: We started off day three of Blowout right with pierogies at Polish Village.

D'Anne: Those were some good pierogies. Definitely not on my diet.

L: Diets are for housewives. Only a fool would go to a multi-day event in Hamtramck and NOT partake in good Polish food.

D: I know. When in Rome, do the Romans and all that...

L: Um, yes. That's exactly the expression. So after pierogie time, we made our way to Kelly's to see Elle & the Fonts.

D: Elle was looking very fetching, rocking the tights and the mini skirt. Like a femme Joan Jett.

L: Yes. Though I distinctly remember cookies being promised. I'll let the lack of said baked goods slide, seeing as she greeted us enthusiastically by name as we walked in.

D: That was a nice way to start the night. She has a very charming stage demeanor. She should totally play lesbian bars — she'd be a shoe-in for groupies.

L: Yes — but wouldn't that make her a v-jay tease? You shouldn't mess with lesbian hearts; those ladies are crazy.

D: True. There was a really good turnout for Elle's set.

L: Indeed — save for a couple drunken assholes who I suspect are Kelly's regulars, the crowd was great.

D: After Elle, we got back in the car because you're too lazy to walk. Then we drove to the Painted Lady, aka the smoke coffin. I am pretty sure I got cancer from going there two nights in a row.

L: Very possible. But Allen James and the Cold Wave were worth it.

D: True. I didn't know Ryan Allen was in that band.

L: I don't think he is, but he was playing with them that night. But he seemed so into it and knew the songs so well, you'd think he was an official member.

D: Exactly. The sound wasn't great so it was hard to get a feel for Alan James' vocals.

L: Even when he said the name of the songs I had a hard time understanding him — but I'm pretty sure one of his songs was called “Popcorn Scissors.”

D: No doubt. He kind of sounded like a less whiny Adam Duritz but without the fake dreads. Or a younger Tom Petty. Without the fake dreads.

L: I can see that... I got a bit of a Buffalo Tom vibe. Maybe some of the Walkmen. It was a really good set overall.

D: We saw I, Crime next.

L: Yes — They've been on my “to see” list for a long time now.

D: It was super crowded there — we couldn't get very close to the stage. I usually like to get a band's sweat on me the first time I see them, so that was a letdown.

L: Yes, the Belmont isn't my favorite place to be when it's filled to capacity. And it was filled to capacity. When we were leaving, there was a line to get in.

D: I want to know about their name — is “crime” being used as a verb or a noun?

L: I don't know. I'm sure there's a Schoolhouse Rocks episode you can watch that will help you with that. Because of the sardine can-like conditions, we didn't stay long, but they sounded really tight. I liked their third song — when the girl sang lead -- the best.

D: Onto Paycheck's for Wildcatting. I didn't know that they didn't have any words in their songs.

L: They're exceptionally good at what they do. I've seen them a couple times, and this was probably my favorite set by them.

D: I'll bet they are the only band who does a freestyle kazoo jam during Blowout.

L: Quite possible — but there's still tonight, so you could lose that bed. I predict the Detroit Cobras have that same trick up their sleeve.

D: I like that they gave out free CDs.

L: Yes. And then you gave away my free CD.

D: Well, I didn't give it away — I traded it!

L: It doesn't matter — it's just another example of your complete lack of concern for my feelings.

D: The Wildcatting CD had really cool cover art. It's a shame you don't have one.

L: Shut up. Well, there's one more night of Blowout left!

D: Yes. Who knows? Maybe I'll trade your car for a Wildcatting CD.

L: Awesome.

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