White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" Glitch Mob Remix

Feb 9, 2011 at 8:18 am

Here's a shiny little music nugget that just came across my radar today featuring a classic tune from the White Stripes. Millions of music fans went into mourning (myself included) when the Stripes called it quits last week. In an effort to be timely, you'll find a nifty photo montage and story in this week's music issue from ace photographer Doug Coombe with solid footage that's over a decade old helping to prove, once and for all, that the MT didn't drop the ball on covering that band.

But enough about that debate. Let's go forward. L.A.'s Glitch Mob just refixed one of the most popular Stripes songs ever, "Seven Nation Army," which is a gutsy move this week in particular. Here's what the crew had to say about the composition:

It’s no secret that we’re huge music geeks. More specifically, we love The White Stripes. We had started an unofficial remix of “Seven Nation Army” back in November and it was sitting around in a folder waiting to be finished amongst many other projects. When we heard the news about them breaking up, it was all the impetus needed for us to finish the track.

So maybe this wasn't just a publicity grab and the Glitch Mob actually was tinkering with this before the announcement. Regardless, it's out. You can stream the track below. I'm curious if fans of the band think it's a clever remix, pure trash, or what.