We're extra stoked about 'Eden One: An Official Movement Afterparty'

May 19, 2015 at 4:32 pm

Looking for experimental/ slightly left-of-center dance parties during Movement? Of course, there's Squarepusher this Monday. But the single show I myself am the most super stoked for is this afterparty Saturday night at the Garden Theater in midtown. Vatican Shadow live!!! Yay.

I'm a very busy person here, so I'm just going to take this press release and paste it here.

Eden One, an Official Movement Afterparty taking place at Detroit’s Garden Theater on May 23, will serve as the record label launch party for Modern Cathedrals, a circle of Detroit-based techno cognoscente devoted to the idea of creating a space for the genre’s most avant-garde underground. For this event, they have curated a lineup of secretive and radically experimental artists—Vatican Shadow, Covered in Sand, Marshstepper, and Varg—whose dense noise- and industrial-influenced music productions promise to pull listeners into some deep explorations of the subconscious and to turn that introspection inside-out, transforming it into an ecstatic experience of music and dance with a selfselected group of like-minded others. Curious minds can find tickets for Eden One on Resident Advisor or Brown Paper Tickets. 

Modern Cathedrals is a Detroit-based record label and curator of experimental techno events. A group of like-minded producers, DJs, and techno journalists, the organization is composed of founder Altstadt Echo, Äsop, and Inyahed Signalman. The label explores avant-garde, droneinfluenced techno and will be celebrating its official launch party at Eden One, an Official Movement Afterparty tha Modern Cathedrals is putting on at the Garden Theater on May 23. Eden will be a continuing event series in Detroit, offering the city’s techno underground a free space for the most radical excursions into deep, dark sound and dance. The three organizers previously ran the Not To Be Trusted events in Ann Arbor, which functioned as a who’s who of techno’s leading figures, including Rrose, Terrence Dixon, and Luke Hess. They also publish interviews and write reviews and editorials about techno music and culture on their website dubmonitor.com.

“Militant religious industrial.” That’s how Dominick Fernow described the music that he creates under the name Vatican Shadow when he released his first tape in 2011. Since that time, he’s drawn considerable attention for his deep and dark sounds, which many have interpreted as sonic explorations of America’s post-9/11 psyche. His headlining set at Eden One will be an audiovisual work that tests the limits of the Garden Theater’s sound system and turns minds inside out.

Well-known in the world of techno under a different alias, Covered in Sand is this Berlin-based producer’s persona for sonic
experimentation on the noisier and more atmospheric side of the genre. In this rare stateside appearance, he’ll be casting curtains of textured sound resounding through Eden and drawing the crowd into his own uniquesonic vortex.

It’s hard to anticipate what will happen at a Marshstepper performance. The aggressive and warped sounds that have been the group’s hallmark will certainly be there, but their stage show has ranged from straightforward music performance to surreal rituals. From a world of sound-art all their own, the Arizona crew has been increasingly acknowledged in the techno community for opening the dance floor to another world.

One of the leading producers of the uniquely heady, cold, and atmospheric techno sounds coming out of Sweden these days, Varg creates a hypnotic tapestry of sound using all kinds of gear. The spontaneous live productions have made him one of the most talked about up-and-coming creators in techno’s deepest underground. Fascinating and shifting structures exist in creative tension with enveloping ambient noise.