Jun 12, 2009 at 11:03 am

Was kinda touched to discover that Question Mark (yes, that Question Mark -- are there any others?) left me a voicemail yesterday, personally inviting me to the Mysterians' local show this Sunday night. So, just in case you missed it when we posted it earlier this week. The legendary ? & The Mysterians will be playing a show this Sunday, June 14th, at at the All Around Bar, 25621 Ecorse Rd. in Taylor. Phone 313-292-6838 for more info. I saw them at the Hamtramck Festival during the summer of '07 and they were terrific, certainly not an "oldies" act (remember, Smash Mouth had a hit with their "Can't Get Enough Of You, Baby" earlier this decade and they were the template for so much music that followed them. They also do the best version of "Stand By Me" you'll ever hear...and that's saying something). By the way, the entire schedule hasn't officially been announced yet...but Question Mark will also be part of Don Was's upcoming second Detroit Super Sessions show during the Concert Of Colors on Sunday, July 18th at Orchestra Hall. Others appearing include such legends as Sir Mack Rice and Amp Fiddler, as well as such more recent acts as Gorevette, Blanche and the Go, among many others. Sounds great.

And, oh, yeah, it's official. Better go get in line now, folks...