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Two shows this weekend we wanted to mention (and then onto the Name Game dept):

Spitting Nickels have a CD release party this weekend for their new Jim Diamond-produced EP, 5 The Hard Way. The EP features final contributions from the group's late rhythm guitarist Tom Furtaw, who sadly passed away last summer onstage when the band was opening for Blue Oyster Cult in Hart Plaza. The band also features our buddy Eddie Baranek -- the Nickels are one of his many "other" bands -- on drums, vocals and Hammond organ. What a talented dude! The show is tomorrow night (October 25th) at the Park Bar downtown. Los Vikings Del Muerto and the Prime Ministers are also on the bill. Admission is $5.

On the hip-hop tip, Grammy-winning ?UESTOVE of the Roots is presenting an extended three-hour classic DJ set, also tomorrow night, at the Plan B nightclub. VIP tix are availalbe, which'll get you into the club an hour before the rest of the crowd is admitted. Tickets available at Burn Rubber in Royal Oak (248-543-3000).

Finally, we noticed that the band F**ked Up plays tonight at the Pike Room with Psychedelic Horseshit. The last time the latter played town, we ran a list that my buddy Carmen, punk rock guitarist extraordinaire, regularly sends out to her mailing list of the "best named" bands to play Los Angeles during the last month or so. Thus, just for (horse)shits 'n' grins, we thought it would be fun to do it again. Have a great weekend, folks. And go Spartans!

The following are actual band names as appearing in the "Rock & Pop" listings of the L.A. Weekly during the last two months:

Corpse Cum
Nero's Day at Disneyland
Surfing With an Alien
A Place to Bury Strangers
Obstacle Corpse
Rhythm Coffin
Are You a Cop?
Marry Me, Judas
Anger As Art
All Neon-like
Lights On and DJs You Know
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound
Head Like a Kite
Floating Goat
The Poor Excuses
Useless Keys
Rotten Sound
Oil Spill
Kalifornia Taliban
The Jimi Homeless Experience
Arsonists Get All the Girls

Cemetery Sex Cult
Corpse Candy
Get Dead
Mortified Camraderie
Skull Kiss
Eat the Living
The Last Happy Night of Your Life
Watch Out! There's Ghosts
the Holy Rolling Empire
The Fucking Wrath
The Oregon Donors
Kidney Thieves
Cheese Burglar
Gas Station Robber
Living Deadlights
The Overdosers
The Jack Lords
The Binges
Augie & the Augmented
The Soggy Duchamp Octet
Lo-Fi Man
Purple Foam
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Los Marijuanos
Welcome To Concrete
Falsetto Teeth
Confederacy of Horsepower
'97 Stick-Up Kids
The Scurvy Kids
Forever the Sickest Kids
Calamity Magnet
Throw Me the Statue
These Arms Are Snakes
The Girl With Violent Arms
What Laura Says, Thinks and Feels
How To Win At Life
Extreme Klezmer Makeover
Wet Cassette
Solar Wimp
Tongue-dried Sun
Bring Me the Horizon
Confessions of a Corn Silo
Amps For Christ
Coke vs. Bills

Spitting Nickels at the Park Bar tomorrow night...

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